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Bring literature circles into your classroom in a new, fun, and creative way with interactive notebook activities and assignments. 

In literature circles, small groups of students gather together to discuss a piece of literature in depth. Literature circles are an excellent way to guide students to deeper understanding of what they read through assignments and structured discussion. Bringing in the elements of interactive notebooks only strengthens the model, making meetings more interactive and engaging. 

This resource has absolutely everything you need to set up and implement literature circles in the middle and high school classroom.



• Teacher Guide: Step-by-step, detailed information for starting and running Literature Circles using interactive notebook activities

• Group Binder / Folder Cover

• Interactive Notebook Literature Circle Novel Choice Cards: Students choose their top three novels to read and you formulate the groups. 

• Interactive Notebook Literature Circle Introduction and FAQs for students 

• Interactive Notebook Literature Circle Reading and Meeting Schedule 

• List of 5 student roles (summarizer, discussion leader, text connector, vocabulary leader, literary leader) with a detailed explanation for each role.

• Interactive Notebook Literature Circle Meeting Outline: A checklist which guides students though each meeting

• Interactive Notebook Assignment sheets for each of the 5 roles with detailed explanations for what to do to be ready for each meeting 

• Interactive Notebook Activity sheets for each role to be completed by the group during the meetings. 

• Powerpoint presentation going over each role and each assignment. Pictures are included, so students will know exactly what to do to prepare for the meeting! 

• Powerpoint presentation going over the process of activities during literature circle meetings. Pictures are included, so students will know exactly what to do during the meeting 

• Literature Circle Peer Assessment Cards: Students assess their group members on their preparedness so you know who did not do the reading or the assignment. 

• Student Participation rubric and recording sheet (makes for easy marking of interactive notebook literature circle discussion participation)

• Interactive Notebook Final Novel Assignment: Students create a flip page to analyze character, conflict, setting, and theme.

• Final Creative Project: Includes a choice of 9 different assignments

• Creative Project Rubric: Makes for easy marking!



♥ This made preparing for Literature Circles more enjoyable not only for the students but myself as well. 

♥ Thank you. This worked great for my senior independent novel unit. I laminated the roles and instruction sheet and put them in their manila folders.

♥ Great resource! My students were able to understand everything clearly and it was easy to use!


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