Julius Caesar Project - Create a Caesar Theme Park Based on Shakespeare's Play

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Julius Caesar Project - Create a Caesar Theme Park Based on Shakespeare's Play: In this creative project, students take on the role of a theme park developer and have the extraordinary opportunity to bring one of Shakespeare's most iconic plays, Julius Caesar, to life in the form of an unforgettable theme park experience. From thrilling rides to thematic restaurants and captivating live performances, every aspect of your theme park will be directly inspired by the moments, characters, and conflicts of Julius Caesar. Students can choose to create a diorama, presentation, or promotional booklet. Students will unleash their creativity and transport visitors into the heart of ancient Rome as they explore, engage, and immerse themselves in the world of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy.

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Included In The Julius Caesar Theme Park Project:

➡️ Julius Caesar Theme Park Presentation: Use this visually appealing presentation to hook students into the project. The slides will introduce the project and outline the requirements with prompting questions to get students thinking about how they can bring this theme park to life and connect it directly to the text.

➡️ Julius Caesar Theme Park Student Handout: The student handout is a comprehensive document that outlines all project requirements in detail. It provides students with a clear understanding of what is expected of them and includes instructions on how to approach each aspect of the project. The handout explains that students must choose the main attractions, a restaurant, a gift shop, live entertainment, game, and a photo op for their theme park.

➡️ Julius Caesar Theme Park Planning Guide: Students can use this guide as a reference while they are planning their theme park. It includes a list of important characters in the play, settings that appear in the play, and questions to consider for each of the sections of the park.

➡️ Julius Caesar Theme Park Planning Graphic Organizer: The graphic organizer provides students with a structured framework for planning and organizing their theme park project. It includes each of the sections of the park they must create with ha space to jot down brainstorming ideas

➡️ Julius Caesar Theme Park Rubric: The rubric outlines the criteria by which students' theme park projects will be assessed. The rubric provides students with clear expectations for evaluation and helps ensure consistency in grading across all projects.

What Project Requirements are in This Julius Caesar Theme Park Project:

The project has students design and create the following elements of the park based directly on text evidence:

➡️ Main Attractions: Students will choose at least three main attractions or rides that will serve as the focal points of the theme park.

➡️ Restaurant: Students will design a thematic restaurant that transports visitors into the world of ancient Rome, offering a diverse menu and decor inspired by scenes or characters from the play.

➡️ Gift Shop: Students will develop a gift shop with merchandise that celebrates the themes, characters, and iconic moments of the play.

➡️ Live Entertainment: Students will choose a captivating live performance or show that brings the drama and intrigue of the play to the stage.

➡️ Game: Students will design an interactive game based on a popular theme park game that connects with text evidence in the play.

➡️ Photo Op: Students will create an enchanting photo opportunity that allows visitors to step into the world of the play and capture memorable moments.

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