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This product will not only help you to get to know your students better, but it is also a great way to improve student writing!

This huge file contains 4 eye-catching Powerpoint presentations with prompts that can be projected for the class (over 100 slides) - more than enough prompts to use in a year! 

On top of that, you get a printable file with all of the prompts that can easily be laminated to be used from year to year! With these laminated cards, students can choose their own prompts from the pile, and write in their own journal.



♥ Seriously...If I had the money, I would buy every resource you sell! amazing! 

♥ I LOVE these journal prompts. They are great for getting students to use higher-order thinking skills! 

♥ This is a wonderful, well thought out resource that I will use for years to come! Thank you! 

♥ Great resource to use during regular journal writing and helpful for many of those who have writers block.



1. Month Inspired Prompts

(5 for each month) which include historical/interesting events that happened in that month with a related journal prompt. 60 prompts in total! 

2. Opinion Prompts (15) which allows students to defend a position. 

3. Finish This Sentence Prompts (15) which allows students to make their own topic by filling in the blank space. 

4. Quotation Prompts (15) which have students respond personally to famous quotes. 

For each of these, you have presentation slides and printable cards! Also included is a student response sheet (3 sizes included)


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