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Idioms are part of everyday speech, yet we assume that our students know what they mean! This resource helps your students make sense of common idiomatic expressions in a fun, modern way - by searching for them in text message conversations! This makes a great addition to any literacy unit, and is perfect for English second language students (ESL).



• 40 Task cards with original text message conversations that include a variety of common English idioms! There are over 160 different idioms included! Students are asked to locate the idioms and explain them in their own words. Two versions of this document are included: One for easy printing of a set of task cards, and another version with two of the same task card per page, so you can complete one a week to last you the whole year! 

• An 80 slide Powerpoint presentation that prompts students to find the idioms in each of the text message conversations and a detailed, animated answer key for class review!



1. IDIOM TEXT MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: Put the text message of the week up on the screen once a week to start your day. Have students complete the ready-to-print task card independently or with a partner. Go over the corrections as a class with the animated Powerpoint! This will last you the whole school year!

2. TEXT MESSAGE IDIOM GROUP WORK:Have students work in a pair or with a group to find the idioms. Have each group volunteer to share the idioms they learned and what they mean. 

3. TEXT MESSAGE IDIOM TASK CARDS: Have students complete these task cards during centers or as enrichment. Print out the Powerpoint 6 to a page and have them check their work to see if they understood each of the idioms!


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