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Idioms are part of everyday speech, yet we assume that our students know what they mean! This fun resource allows teachers to introduce one idiom that gives advice to your students per week with a definition and an example! Not only will your students learn 40 new idioms, but they will also get some valuable advice in the process. Also included are 4 assignments that you can use every 2 weeks where students can match scenarios or problems with the proper idiomatic advice! 

This would be great for an ESL, EAL, ESOL classroom, but could also be used with any students!



• A title poster (Idiom Advice Of The Week)

• A poster with the definition of an idiom

• 40 Different eye-catching idiom posters with easy to understand definitions and examples that you can change weekly!

• 40 Slide Powerpoint presentation to have up on the screen when students arrive to guess the meaning of the idiom advice.

• 4 Assignments where students read 10 scenarios/problems and choose the correct idiom advice.

• Answer keys for each of the assignments



→ Weekly bell ringer to last you the whole year (with an assignment every to weeks to assess student understanding).

→ Getting students to write examples of how they could use this expression in their everyday life under the poster that week.

→ Reward students with tokens when they use these expressions properly in speech and writing during the weeks (small prize at the end of the month for those who have at least 5 tokens).

→ Use these as "Idiom Writing Prompts" where students have to write something related to the idiom or write scenarios where the advice would be appropriate.


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