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Help students understand and apply the hero’s journey to any reading with this ready-to-use resource bundle. The resource includes a teacher presentation, student reference handouts, and graphic organizers to apply to any reading.

The hero’s journey, or monomyth, is a common pattern used in narrative writing that involves a hero that goes on an adventure, journey, or quest. They face challenges in a new, unknown world and return victorious as a transformed character. These resources will help introduce the twelve stages of the hero’s journey and provide the resources and assignments that students can use to apply what they learn to their own reading.

Included in this resource:

• A 19-slide PowerPoint presentation that will guide you through each element of the lesson. It includes background information on Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler, both known for their work in developing the hero’s journey, discussion questions, and detailed information about each of the stages of the hero’s journey.

• A detailed student reference sheet with each of the 12 stages of the hero’s journey and an explanation of what occurs at each stage.

• A circular graphic reference that clarifies the stages of the hero’s journey for students.

• Two graphic organizer options for students to complete based on any text they are reading.

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