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Help your students make informed decisions with these ready-to-use resources for health class.


A 17 Slide Powerpoint presentation that gives students a pretest to see what they know, as well as lots of information to deter them from trying alcohol. The presentation also links to a video which connects to the material.

• A 23 slide Powerpoint presentation that teaches students about the dangers of smoking and nicotine use. The lesson includes discussion questions and activities to show students how many people die from smoking, the financial cost, as well as lots of other detailed information.

• A printable assignment for students to complete. They must find an old smoking advertisement and analyze it based on the two pages of questions provided.

• A 22 slide Powerpoint presentation that covers the following information:
→ Why eat healthy?
→ The four main food groups (serving recommendations & healthy eating tips).
→ Meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
→ The importance of reading labels and what to avoid
→ Sodium/salt intake
→ Water intake
→ Health fads
→ Physical activity

• A choice of two meal planning assignments based on the instruction from the presentation. You can choose to have your students do a daily or weekly meal plan.

• A serving recommendation reference card for students.

An 11 slide Powerpoint presentation that provides a look into the dangers of energy drink consumption. It provides chilling statistics that will make teens think twice before buying! The lesson also includes a link to a video which relates to the danger of energy drinks.

• An assignment sheet that asks students to research and create a poster or a pamphlet warning teens of the dangers of drugs. Included on the assignment sheet are:

→ A website for students to use for research
→ A list of drugs to choose from
→ Instructions for what to include on the poster/pamphlet
→ Rubric requirements for student use

• Also included is an easy-to-use printable rubric for marking

SEXUAL EDUCATION UNIT Introductory Resources:

• Two pages of Teacher Instructions which outline the unit for you.

• Labels and question cards to set up a "Sex Ed Question Box" for your students to ask questions anonymously.

• A Powerpoint presentation which introduces the topic with ground rules for maturity and discussion questions to begin

• A questionnaire for students to complete (demonstrates their unreadiness for sexual activity. For example "Are you financially stable enough to raise a child?" etc)

Male and Female Reproduction:

• A Powerpoint presentation on the reproductive system (female and male) which focusses on explaining the process of reproduction from sperm development to implantation. Also explains menstruation.

• A handout which allows students to properly label the parts of the reproductive system

• A quiz to check their understanding of the reproductive parts.

Abstinence and Birth Control:

• A Powerpoint presentation to help your students understand decision making with a focus on abstinence.

• A Powerpoint presentation on different forms of birth control. For each, the benefits and risks are provided

• A KWL chart for students to complete on birth control before the presentation is delivered.

Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships:

• A Powerpoint presentation on healthy and unhealthy relationships which also discusses the important topic of dating violence.

• An assignment which allows students to analyze song lyrics (healthy or unhealthy relationships)

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