Hamlet Symbolism Assignment - Analyzing Symbols and Motifs in Shakespeare's Play

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Hamlet Symbolism Assignment is a ready-to-use graphic organizer that will allow students to examine the most important symbols and motifs in Hamlet by William Shakespeare! Students will turn to the play to form a conclusion about what prevalent symbols like weeds, flowers, clothing, and more represent in the text. They will also provide text evidence in the form of a quote to support their choice. This assignment also comes with a detailed answer key that will allow for easy class review or grading. This interactive journey through the play's symbols promises to enhance students' understanding of the story and the power of recurring symbols in the text.

Included in this Hamlet Symbolism Assignment:

Hamlet Symbolism Assignment Graphic Organizer: Use this ready-to-print, eye-catching graphic organizer that lists five important symbols or motifs from Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Included on the organizer is a place for students to explain what the symbols represent and a column for students to share text evidence in the form of a quote. Below are the included symbols and motifs:
  • Hamlet's Clothing
  • Weeds
  • Ears and Hearing
  • Ophelia's Flowers
  • Yorick's Skull

➡️ Hamlet Symbolism Assignment Graphic Organizer Answer Key: A detailed answer key is included with both an explanation of each of the symbols from Hamlet and a quote for support. The answer key makes for easy class review or grading.

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