Hamlet Escape Room Activity - Breakout Review Game for Shakespeare's Play

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Hamlet Escape Room Activity is a fun and engaging way to have your students review the most important elements of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Students will visit stations and complete puzzles and challenges related to the plot diagram, characterization, analysis, and vocabulary in the play. This highly engaging, interactive escape room for Hamlet will not only be the perfect ending activity for the play, but it will also review and check their understanding of the text.

How The Hamlet Escape Room Activity Works:

Students work in small groups and move about the classroom to five different stations to complete puzzles and activities related to the play. The goal of the escape room is to help Hamlet escape the tragedy at the end of the play!

  • The Plot Diagram Station: Students will meet the ghost and receive their task by ordering plot cards according to the plot diagram to determine a numeric code.
  • The Characterization Station: Students will feign madness by matching up quotes from Hamlet to the characters who said them and use the information they gather to reveal a secret code word.
  • The Analysis Station: Students will catch Claudius during the play within a play by completing a multiple-choice analysis assignment about story elements to reveal a mystery word.
  • The Vocabulary Station: Students will help Ophelia in her fit of madness by matching new vocabulary words from examples in Hamlet to their proper definitions (using context clues). Once they have matched them up correctly, it will reveal a mystery word.
  • The Encryption Station: Finally, students will stop the tragedy by cleaning the sword and disposing of the chalice by decoding an encrypted message based on hidden symbols they find throughout the Hamlet escape room to reveal a quote from the play.

Please note that students must have completed the play before attempting the escape room. They should also have an understanding of the following: theme, tragic flaw, foil, foreshadowing, dramatic irony, symbolism, and allegory.

Included in the Hamlet Escape Room Activity:

➡️ Teacher Instructions: These detailed teacher instructions will help you facilitate the Hamlet escape room in your classroom. With step-by-step instructions, you'll feel totally confident implementing this breakout.

➡️ Classroom Poster: Welcome students and build anticipation by putting this poster on your classroom door as they enter. The poster reads, "Hamlet Escape Room: Can you escape the tragedy at the end of the play?"

➡️ Station Signs: Use these signs at each of the five stations, so students can easily keep track of which ones they have completed.

➡️ Station Story and Instruction Cards: Each of the five tasks comes with a story card with quotes from the play to share their goal for that station. Also included are instruction cards, so students know what to do to solve each task related to the play.

➡️ Escape Room Station Materials: Included are all the materials you need to set up each station, including envelope templates, plot cards, character cards, an analysis multiple-choice assignment, a vocabulary puzzle, and an encryption assignment.

➡️ Hamlet Escape Room Answer Booklet: Students will use this booklet to record each of the codes and keys they find at each station. An answer key is provided.

➡️ Reflection and Response Assignments: Included are two reflection assignments that students can complete after the breakout. One is a reflection on the quote revealed in the final puzzle, and the other is a reflection on the escape room activity.

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