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Hamlet Activity Bundle - Creative Activities and Assignments includes 10 fun and engaging activities and assignments to help students respond to Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Help your students form connections and analyze the play with these high-interest activities and assignments. The activities were created to allow students to form text connections, analyze characters, understand the plot, and immerse themselves in the text.

Included in the Hamlet Activity Bundle:


➡️ Who Said That? Pre-Reading Activity: Students will preview lines taken from Act 1 of Hamlet by William Shakespeare. They will share their first impressions of the person speaking the line and make predictions about them.

Act 1

➡️ Polonius' Advice Speech Mystery Word Activity: Students will analyze Polonius' advice to Laertes in Act 1, Scene 3 before he leaves for France. They will then respond to a series of multiple-choice analysis questions that will test their comprehension and critical thinking. When they have all the answers correct, they will decipher the letters associated with the correct answers to reveal a mystery word related to the scene!

Act 2

➡️ Hamlet Social Media Page: Students will create a "Fakebook" social media page based on Hamlet from Shakespeare's play. Students will consider Hamlet's physical appearance, thoughts, personality, and relationship with other characters. It also looks great on display in your class or the hallway!

➡️ Hamlet Quote Hunt: Students will read lines from Act 2 Scene 2 written in modern English and try to find the line from Shakespeare's original text!

Act 3

➡️ Hamlet "To be or not to be" Soliloquy Sorting Game: Students will explore one of Shakespeare's most famous soliloquies, Hamlet's 'To be or not to be' speech. Through a creative game, students will rearrange modern translations of the soliloquy to reconstruct its original meaning to reveal a mystery word. This activity not only deepens their understanding of the iconic speech but also fosters critical thinking and interpretation skills while having fun with The Bard's timeless words!

➡️ Hamlet Courtroom Speech Activity - Is Hamlet Mad?: In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet kills Polonius by stabbing him through the arras, but is he responsible for his death? In this activity, students will step into the roles of either a prosecutor or a defense attorney and take on the responsibility of analyzing whether Hamlet is culpable for the death of Polonius or if he should be considered innocent by reason of insanity. Students will craft and deliver a persuasive argument, based on evidence from the play, that supports their chosen stance.

Act 4

➡️ Ophelia's Playlist Song Analysis Activities: Students will examine Ophelia's character in the context of modern music with two creative assignments. First, students will analyze the song "Ophelia" by The Lumineers and answer questions that will help students connect the lyrics and music video to Shakespeare's play. Then, they will create a playlist of three songs that connect to Ophelia’s character before designing cover art for the playlist.

➡️ Hamlet Internet History: Your internet browsing history reveals a lot about your personality. Students will share what they think would be the top four websites (real or imagined) that a character from the play would most frequently visit during the play.

Act 5 / Post-Reading

➡️ Hamlet Symbolism Assignment: Students will turn to the play to form a conclusion about what prevalent symbols and motifs like weeds, clothing, flowers, and more represent in the text. They will also provide text evidence in the form of a quote to support their choice. This assignment also comes with a detailed answer key that will allow for easy class review or grading.

➡️ Hamlet Newspaper Final Project: Students will be given the opportunity to create a newspaper called "The Denmark Times", in which they act as journalists living in Hamlet's world. This project is an excellent final assessment for a unit on the play with the bonus of exposing students to some of the skills and terms used in journalism.

➡️ Hamlet Essay Topics: Provide these essay topics for students to choose from to write a five-paragraph essay on the novel.

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