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Help your students understand and practice the rules of grammar with this highly-engaging interactive escape room / break out activity! Students should have an understanding of comma and capitalization rules to complete this activity. They will also practice spelling and homophone usage.



Students work in small groups and move about the classroom to five different stations to complete puzzles and activities related to grammar.

In the first station, students correct sentences by adding in missing commas. They order the cards by how many grammar mistakes they fixed, and use words on the cards to reveal a mystery word.

In the second station, students do a close reading of a paragraph about rollercoasters that contains homophone errors. Students put the correct homophones into the answer booklet to reveal a mystery word!

In the third station, students assemble four puzzles which reveal sentences containing errors in capitalization. Students are required to write down the words that should be capitalized and use the information to reveal a numeric code.

In the fourth station, students will read famous quotes that include an error with a commonly misspelled word. Students write the properly spelled word in the answer booklet to reveal a secret mystery word.

The final station has students decode an encryption based on hidden symbols they have to find throughout the game to reveal a quote!



• Detailed teacher instructions for setting up the room and facilitating the activity

• A classroom door sign to welcome students to the activity

• Signs for each of the five stations

• Student instructions for each of the five stations

• All the materials students need for each station (envelope templates, comma cards, puzzle pieces, spelling quote cards, homophone close read assignment, encryption assignment)

• A student answer booklet where the group can record the codes and keys they find.

• A teacher answer key you can use to check the work to determine the winner.

• Two reflection assignments to complete after the escape room. One is a reflection on the quote revealed in the final puzzle and the other is a reflection on the escape room activity.


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