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This resource allows students to edit grammar and sentence structure errors in a fun and modern way! Students will have the chance to read excerpts from real song lyrics which contain errors. Students will find the errors, correct them, and give reasons for their corrections. 

• 50 "Music Mistake" cards for students to edit

• Detailed answer key provided with reasoning for all edits

• A powerpoint presentation to go over all of the edits with your students

• A worksheet for students to improve a song they feel is poorly written

• A poster to display this work on a bulletin board



♥ I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING THESE!!!!! They are practical, helpful, and cute! You have saved all of us buyers lots of time. Thank you!

♥ Used it as a review of previous grammar lessons. The students loved it!! They asked for more. 

♥ Have only used a few but my students love to start singing the song! Really gets their focus and interest! 

♥ My students love this activity, I have never had students look forward to grammar instruction, until now.



1. Musical Mistake of the Week: Introduce one of the mistakes to your class per week for 50 weeks. Everyone gets a copy and makes the edits and reasoning on their own (or you can do it in groups or pairs). Then you can use the powerpoint to go over it together as a class and come to a consensus. 

2. Writing Centers Include a packet of the musical mistakes at a writing center where students can choose which one to work on. Edits can be made in their writing notebook rather than on the sheet (so you don’t have to make tons of copies). You can also make an answer key booklet for them to use after they are done, or double side them so they can find the answer on the back! 

3. Pair Work: Give each pair of students a musical mistake and have them complete it together. Then each pair can present the mistake to the class, and share what edits they made. The class can give further suggestions.

4. Group Work Give a group of three or four students one of the cards and have them come to an agreement about the edits to make and the rewritten sentence. The group can present the musical mistake to the class when they are finished.

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