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Have your students in their seat when the bell rings with these engaging English daily bell ringer routines!

This comprehensive FULL YEAR bundle includes both my print and digital / Google version. If you would rather have only the print or digital versions, click below:



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♥ The best thing I have bought on TPT!!! Love love love it!! Thank you for these amazing bell ringers! My kids love them! Video journals on Thursday are their absolute favorite! 

♥ I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product!!! I have now used this product every day for an entire school year. This quickly became my favorite part of the day with my students and they felt the same!!!! We would have wonderful discussions about the various topics and they produced quality journal responses because they were engaged! Hands-down my favorite TPT purchase to date!!!

 ♥ This product is amazing, especially for the money. I would have been willing to spend much more on such a great product. Its organization is flawless, and the students love having a different activity every day of the week. Best teaching purchase I've ever had.

♥ HANDS DOWN THE BEST MONEY I HAVE SPENT! The kids adore it! They are so excited to see what the next day will bring. They get to class early so that they can discuss the prompts. The video prompts are my favorite. They all are things that really are meaningful to the kids. I've had several kids really open up after watching them. I wish there were more!




Each of the 40 weeks has a weekly student handout (in PDF and Google Slides format). Pass the weekly sheet on Monday or share it via Google Drive, Google Classroom, Email, or even by simply writing the short link on the board, and students complete the bell ringers for that week!


Start your week off with a Literary Term Of The Week. This product teaches students 76 different literary terms through the use of modern examples (music lyrics, TV, movies, novels, celebrities, images etc). It also includes lots of video clips that will engage your students (YouTube required). At the beginning of each week, introduce a new term to your students with the presentation. Have a discussion about the video clip, images connected to that literary term etc. Then have students write the definition and examples in the provided booklet. Put the "Literary Term Of The Week" poster up on a bulletin board (or wall) and place the literary term for that week definition underneath (posters for all terms also included). Students will find examples in the week of that term and post them underneath!


Use the next day to engage yours students in meaningful discussion! This product includes 40 discussion cards as well as Powerpoint and Google Slides of “Ethical Dilemmas”. You can discuss the prompt as a whole class, or break students into small groups to discuss and report their discussion back to the whole group. This is a great tool to encourage friendly debate. Please Note: Some of the prompts may be mature for early middle school students.


On the next day you can introduce one of the 40 inspirational quotes to your students, and add one of the beautiful ready-made posters to your classroom wall! You can discuss the quote as a class and your students can choose from three mini assignments to complete about the quote. The assignments include:

→ What do YOU think (includes higher-order questions that require inferencing and application)

→ Advice (allows for characterization of a person not following the quotation's advice)

→ Compare (allows for compare and contrast of a person who follows the advice, and someone who does not)

They can also respond to the quote using Google Slides with ready-made digital response sheets!


On the following day, get your students' attention every with these 40 engaging video writing prompts! The videos and prompts are modern and relevant to the 21st Century student. Students can respond using the digital response sheets or print out the general response sheet and a rubric for easy marking.

End the week off with silent reading, sharing the week's work, or a recap!


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