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Emergency lesson plans are often required to have on hand for a supply teacher, but they are a pain to prepare. As a teacher, we all know that sometimes a day off of work is more work and planning than actually going in! These plans will take the pressure off, and will let you rest up and get better rather than frantically trying to put together a lesson plan and resources.

These emergency lesson plans are designed for middle or high school English Language Arts teachers. The lessons include a variety of genres (non-fiction, poetry, short story, creative writing) so you can choose a lesson which best fits what you are currently covering.



Substitute Lesson Plan: Non-Fiction

• Detailed editable emergencylesson plan with step-by-step instructions

• Link to a non-fiction reading about the effect of texting on the English language

• Reading comprehension questions for the texting reading with a detailed answer key

• Includes a detailed lesson plan with extension work if students finish early

 Substitute Lesson Plan: Poetry

• Detailed editable emergency lesson plan with step-by-step instructions

• Link to a printable poem about the effect of media on self-esteem

• Poetry analysis questions with detailed answer key

 Substitute Lesson Plan: Fiction

• Detailed editable lesson plan with step-by-step instructions

• Link to a fictional reading (short story) for students

• Questions to complete on the assignment

• Detailed answer key

• Fun creative assignment

 Substitute Lesson Plan: Creative Writing

• Detailed editable lesson plan with step-by-step instructions

• A Zombie Survival Manual creative writing activity with student response sheets.



♥ Helpful and fun: sub days always run more smoothly when students are excited about and engaged with the lesson, and these lessons definitely deliver where that is concerned. My students favorite so far has been the Zombie Survival Manual (of course!). Another great resource from Presto Plans!

♥ My students actually seemed to enjoy doing sub work when I leave your activities for them. Thank you.

♥ Bought and used next day, that easy!

♥ Oh my gracious, thank you! I had a co-worker out and I NEEDED to find something for her class. It was perfect!

♥ I am thrilled to have something to copy and have on hand in case of emergency. Very creative. The kids will really like it.


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