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Have your students turn their reading of any short story or a novel into a movie! Included in this resource are 8 different assignments that can be used individually, or as a major final project.

This is a Google resource and students complete all the work on the computer. This works well with distance learning, 1:1 classrooms, remote teaching, Google Classroom, or online education.



To The Movie Producer

Students write a letter to a movie producer to persuade them to make their book/story into a movie. This assignment will allow students to practice letter writing format, as well as demonstrate their understanding of plot, character, and conflict.

Casting Calls

Students will consider which actors or actresses to cast in their film adaptation of their reading. This assignment allow students to show a deeper understanding of characterization.

On Set

This assignment allows students to analyze the setting descriptions from their reading, and determine how that will translate on the silver screen!

Red Carpet Interview

Students transform themselves into the star of the show playing the main character from the reading. They will answer interview questions that demonstrate their understanding of the main character's personality traits, as well as the theme of the story.

Movie Poster

Students create a poster to get viewers to the theater to watch the film adaptation of their reading!

Scene Screen

Students will re-create an important scene from their reading. They will consider how they want to tell the story with every shot and camera angle.

Costume Designer

Students create and defend costume choices for two of the characters from their reading.

Composition and Score

Students make choices about the score of the film adaptation of their reading. They choose three songs that connect directly with the content of their reading 



♥ Love it!!! Using it as a final project for a novel study!

♥ Always looking for fun novel projects - this is a good one

♥ Looking forward to incorporating this product into my classroom this year! You really know how to keep the students engaged!


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