Christmas Grammar Activity - Active and Passive Voice Interactive Digital Game

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Christmas Grammar Activity - Active and Passive Voice Interactive Digital Game: Understanding the difference between active and passive voice can be a challenge for students. Help students practice learning and understanding the difference during the Christmas season in a fun and interactive way with this sorting digital grammar game! Students drag sentences and move them to the appropriate section on the slide based on whether the sentence uses passive or active voice. There are letters on each sentence strip that, when labeled properly and unscrambled, reveal two mystery words!

This is a digital resource and students complete all the work on a device. This works well with distance learning, 1:1 classrooms, remote teaching, Google Classroom, or online education. 

Included In This Active and Passive Christmas Grammar Activity:

➡️ Active and Passive Voice Christmas Inspired Digital Template: The digital template includes an area where students can drag the active and passive sentence strips.

➡️ 10 Active and Passive Digital HolidaySentence Strips: These digital sentence strips include holiday-inspired sentences that are either written in active or passive voice. Students must drag them into the correct location on the digital template to correctly categorize the sentences. When in the correct placement, students can unscramble the letters on the cards to reveal two mystery words!

➡️ Active and Passive Voice Game Answer Key: Review the activity with students or check students' work with this ready-to-use answer key.

What Teachers Are Saying About This Digital Active and Passive Voice Christmas Grammar Activity:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was a really cute activity to do with my kids around the Christmas holiday before we started writing Christmas letters. It was a nice little reminder of passive vs. active voice which we looked at at the beginning of the year.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great activity for sprinkling your lesson with holiday spirit (while still delivering outcome-based lessons!)

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