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Use this final digital Google novel or short story project as an alternative to the traditional book report. In this project, students will flip the narrative viewpoint and retell the short story or novel they just read from the perspective of an object within their story. They will consider specific things that the object observed, their perspective on key characters and the decisions they made throughout the story, and their take on the theme of the story.

This digital reading project allows students to demonstrate explore narrative point of view. They will successfully retell a plot from the perspective of an object through the skillful use of descriptions, text evidence, and creative alterations. They will also show an analysis of the theme of the text and how it is changed with the altered narration and how the new point of view has impacted certain elements of the story (like suspense or humor)

This is a Google resource and students complete all the work on the computer. This works well with distance learning, 1:1 classrooms, remote teaching, Google Classroom, or online education.

The best part is that your purchase comes with a hand-drawn video, created by the talented John Spencer, that introduces the project to hook students in! Watch the preview video to get a sneak peek of the video included and download the preview to get a closer look at the instructions, student information slides, pre-writing organizers, and editing checklists included! There is absolutely no prep required to implement this digital assignment!



• Students watch a hand-drawn video that introduces the project to students to help them understand how retelling a story from the viewpoint of an object within the story can be a unique and engaging perspective. This video is highly engaging and will hook your students immediately. Watch the video preview on the product page to get a sneak peek.

• Use the eye-catching Google Slides presentation to introduce the assignment in more detail to your class and guide you through each element of the assignment/lesson.

• Use the instructions, student information slides, and graphic organizers to implement the project.



→ Introductory video

→ Instructions

→ Google Slides to guide the project

→ Choose your object brainstorming slide

→ Becoming your object planning organizer

→ Flip the narration checklist

→ Good copy slides

→ Let’s dig deeper (two analysis questions)

→ Teacher rubric


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The videos and resources in this resource are for single-classroom use and are not to be uploaded to an open website in any format without permission from the creators. Please contact if you require more information.