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Help your students practice and show their understanding of comma rules with this fun and engaging activity. In this activity, students will circulate the room to find task cards with famous quotes that are missing commas. They will rewrite the sentences making any corrections in commas required. In the end, everyone comes together to go over the task cards and review the answers!



• Teacher instructions for how to set up and organize the activity 

• 28 Task cards that include a quote from a famous person that includes one or more missing commas. The cards also provide important information on who the famous person is and what they are known for. 

• A student recording sheet with the famous people's names and a space for them to rewrite the corrected sentence.. 

• An teacher answer key

• A student definition reference sheet with explanations for comma rules (Use a comma between items in a series, after an introductory element, to set off appositives, in a direct address, before a coordinating conjunction, to set off non-essential clauses, and between coordinating adjectives)


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