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Introduce students to "Click-Clack the Rattlebag" by Neil Gaiman with these ready-to-use short story resources. This spooky story is great to use as a Halloween short story in ELA, but it can be used at any time in the year.

Included in your purchase:

  • 46-slide PowerPoint presentation: Use these slides to guide you through all elements of the lesson (author biography, discussion, analysis notes, activities, and much more).
  • Creature Feature Activity: As a fun pre-reading activity to hook students, students will work in groups of three to draw their own monsters using a three-part template 
  • Live Reading Video Journal Prompt: Students will reflect on the differences between reading and listening to the story after watching a live reading by Neil Gaiman himself
  • Vocabulary Mystery Words: Students will need to match the correct definition with the corresponding quote and bolded vocabulary word from the story to reveal the mystery words (answer key included).
  • Reading Questions: Students will dive deeper into literary elements by answering questions to show their understanding of characterization, dialogue, mood, setting, and narrative perspective (answer key included).
  • Guided Analysis Activity: Students will work in small groups to do a guided analysis of the story’s use of foreshadowing, symbolism, theme, and irony. They will record their thoughts in a graphic organizer (answer key provided
  • Spooky Onomatopoeia Activity: Students will write their own scary sentences that incorporate spooky examples of onomatopoeia
  • Monster Profile Activity: Students are put in charge of preparing a top-secret Click-clack monster profile using details from the story.
  • Close the Cliffhanger: Students will write an ending that goes beyond where Neil Gaiman left off, closing the story’s cliffhanger.
  • Campfire Stories: Students will learn the elements of a strong scary campfire story before writing their own with this final creative digital assignment. Turn out the lights and put a campfire up on the screen and have each student read their story for a spooky class they won't forget (link to campfire video included).


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