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Use this unique classroom reward system as a way of encouraging positivity in your class! Saying kudos is a way of complimenting or someone for something they have done. The kudos cards system is intended to be used in your classroom as positive reinforcement for your students!



The Kudos Board

Choose a small bulletin board in your room and make it the “Kudos Board”. Attach the included posters on the top of the bulletin board, and have the larger sized blank kudos cards nearby so that students (and teachers) can give kudos to other students for positive things that they do! They post the Kudos Cards underneath the poster. At the end of the week, read all of the Kudos messages, then put all of the kudos cards in a hat and pull out one (or how ever many you would like). Give a prize or a reward to a student who has done something positive that week!

The Kudos Cards

Print and cut out all of the 45 smaller kudos cards and keep them in your desk. When you notice a student has done something positive, find an appropriate card and give it to them. You can make this a reward system by telling students that they can trade in 3 kudos cards for a reward! Blank versions are included incase the pre-made kudos cards do not apply, so you can write in your own message!



→ A poster that reads "Kudos Board" to use for bulletin board display

→ a small poster that defines "kudos" and invites students to fill out a kudos card about their fellow students.

→ 45 pre-made kudos cards that include personal kudos messages that could be used for lots of different situations

→ Small and large blank kudos cards


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