Christmas Reading Assignment for Any Novel or Short Story - Holiday Choice Menu

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Christmas Reading Assignment for Any Novel or Short Story - Holiday Choice Menu: Use this fun menu-themed Christmas reading assignment that works great as a post-reading assessment for any short story or novel you read in class. This resource is an excellent tool for differentiation as it provides students with choice! The menu theme has students choosing one assignment from three different "courses": main course, side dish, and dessert.

How This Christmas Reading Assignment Works:
  • Students get the "Christmas Menu" and must choose one assignment/prompt to complete from the side dish, main course, and dessert categories. They have a choice of three activities in each "course":
  • The side dish category provides a choice of looking at vocabulary, setting, or quote analysis.
  • The main dish category has students dig a little deeper into the text by analyzing theme, characterization, or conflict.
  • The dessert category provides some choice for a creative response. The options are to draw a comic strip, write a poem, or reflect on how they would make the story or novel into a movie.

Included With This Christmas Reading Assignment:

➡️ Christmas Menu Assignment Student Handout: Share this handout with students with all the choices provided for each category: main course, side dish, and dessert. There are a variety of options that suit a variety of preferences and abilities in your classroom!

➡️ 9 Pre-Writing Graphic Organizers: For each of the assignment options, there are pre-writing graphic organizers included that will guide students through the process of completing their choice assignments.

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