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Use this Christmas escape room style activity to help foster classroom community and improve team-building and problem solving skills during the holiday season. It can be used in English class as it incorporates some ELA skills, but can also easily work for any other subject! The best part is that your purchase comes with a hand-drawn video, created by the talented John Spencer, that introduces the reindeer games and tells the back story to hook students in!



Students watch a video that introduces the reindeer games back story. Students receive a letter inviting them to the annual Reindeer Games in the North Pole. They will compete in physical, problem-solving, and linguistic skills. This is not just a competition; this is also a job interview! The winning group gets to be the next team of reindeer trainers! Because Santa is such a grammar nerd, students will also have to complete some ELA related tasks to win :). Students should have a basic understanding of parts of speech as well as figurative language (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification, alliteration, pun, oxymoron, onomatopoeia, idiom) 

Students use a response booklet to record their answers to the puzzles/riddles as they circulate the room to different stations.



• Detailed teacher instructions for setting up the room and facilitating the reindeer games

• Signs for each of the six stations 

• Student instructions for each of the six stations

• All the materials students need for each station (mazes, rebus puzzle cards, figurative language strips, parts of speech cards, riddles, student instruction cards, envelopes, station markers and much more!)

• A student answer booklet where the group can record their answers 

• A teacher answer key you can use to check the work to determine the winner.


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The videos and resources in this resource are for single-classroom use and are not to be uploaded to the Internet in any format without permission from the creators. Please contact if you require more information.