Christmas Character Analysis - Designing Ornaments Creative Symbolism Assignment

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Christmas Character Analysis - Designing Ornaments Creative Symbolism Assignment: Bring the holidays into your English Language Arts classes by skipping the traditional post-reading assignment, and trying this fun alternative Christmas character analysis activity instead! After students have read a fictional short story or novel, have them design two symbolic Christmas ornaments for the main character and explain their reasons with support from the text. Students will be required to show an understanding of symbolism as the designs on the ornaments must relate in some way to the character's personality or a theme that develops in the reading. Students will love this seasonal, creative activity that makes character analysis a bit more engaging.

Included In This Christmas Character Analysis Activity:

➡️ Character Christmas Ornament Assignment Page: Students will imagine that a character from their reading decides to paint two Christmas ornaments to put on their tree. Based on what they know about the character, they will consider what they might choose to paint and for what reason. Their choice should be a symbol that demonstrates a strong comprehension of the character, or a theme that develops in the story. Students draw the ornaments on the circles provided and write their rationale, using evidence from their story to support it.

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