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Help your students understand the basic rules of capitalizing and formatting titles of written works with this ready-to-use resource! The presentation will guide you through the lesson and explain all the rules for capitalizing titles as well as the rules for using italics, underline, and quotation marks! The fun practice assignments and activities will also help solidify this information for students.



• A 15 slide Powerpoint presentation that covers the rules of capitalizing titles as well as the rules of formatting (italics, underline, quotation). The presentation is easy to follow and also includes some interactive practice.

• A student reference sheet with the most important information from the presentation (2 per page). 

• An assignment where students rewrite the titles of books with the proper capitalization (answer key included). 

• An assignment where students read a paragraph about rollercoasters and edit the capitalization and formatting of the titles mentioned (answer key included). 

• An interactive sorting activity where students cut out examples of titles and move them into one of two categories; Correct Capitalization or Incorrect Capitalization (answer key included).


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