Back to School One Pager - First Week Get to Know You Activity

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Back to School One Pagers are the perfect icebreaker for the first week of school. This hands-on get to know you activity will allow your students to show their creativity by representing themselves visually on a single piece of paper. Students begin by learning what a one-pager is, how it works, and what specific elements they will need to include in their assignments. They will use a graphic organizer for planning before creating their own one-pagers using either one of the provided templates or a blank sheet of paper.       

Included in this First Week Get to Know You Activity: 

➡️ One Pager Student Slides: These student instructions explain what a one-pager is and outlines what they need to include on their page. It also includes a graphic organizer for students to plan out their back to school one pager assignments.

➡️ One Pager Teacher Presentation: This 13-slide PowerPoint presentation guides students through the activity and explains the assignment in detail.

➡️ One Pager Templates: The assignment comes with a variety of templates for students to choose from. Students have the option to complete their one-pagers on a blank piece of paper or on one of six provided templates.

➡️ One Pager Student Sample: There is also a sample of the one-pager that you can show students as a strong example of the back to school one pager assignment.

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