Back to School Collaborative Puzzle All About Me Activity - Bulletin Board

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This back to school collaborative puzzle is the perfect way to highlight all of the unique “pieces” of your classroom puzzle at the start of the school year. For this all about me activity, each of your students will be tasked with creating the puzzle piece that authentically represents them. Once completed, you can compile all of the puzzle pieces into a colorful classroom bulletin board display. Instructions are provided for what specific elements students need to include on their puzzle pieces. They will have the choice of starting with a blank piece of paper or using one of the provided puzzle-piece templates.

Included with the back to school collaborative puzzle is a digital, Google-compatible version of the activity, where students complete their work on a device and print it to be posted on the classroom bulletin board.

Included in this All About Me Activity:

➡️ All About Me Puzzle Instructions: These detailed student instructions outline what specific elements need to be included on the puzzle piece. Students will share information on their hobbies and interests, goals, important people or objects in their life, their favorites, and a quote that is important to them.

➡️ All About Me Puzzle Templates: The assignment includes a blank puzzle piece, but it also includes three other puzzle-piece templates with sections for each element students must include. This will help provide structure for your students who need extra support.

➡️ All About Me Puzzle Digital Version: The final page of the document includes information and links to access the digital version of the resource as well as tech tips for Google Slides. Students can complete their puzzle piece digitally and print it to be displayed on the bulletin board.

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