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Use this back to school first day activity as a fun way for you to review the classroom rules! Students will learn how to decode classroom rules which have been written in "Pig Latin." 

Pig Latin is a language game where you change English words to hide the meaning of the words from people who do not know the code. The best part is that it takes only minutes to learn! This activity has students decode 5 rules written in Pig Latin then use the code to write two other rules that students should always follow. 

This activity is an excellent way to have your students engaged in knowing the rules of your classroom while also having fun! Not only that, but it also elicits some great discussion on what other rules students should be following.



• Detailed explanation of Pig Latin with lots of examples so students can easily understand 

• Five rules written in Pig Latin for students to "translate" (an answer key is also provided).

→ You should always come on time prepared and ready to work.

→ Listen when the teacher or another student is talking.

→ Participate in discussions, but raise your hand when you want to speak.

→ Respect students, staff, and school property.

→ Always give your best effort and submit your work on time.

• An area where students can write their own two rules in the code.


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