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Brighten up your classroom and inspire your students with these 30 posters of hashtag quotes from some of the most important and influential people in literary history. Change the poster up once a week for an "Author Hashtag Of The Week"! (poster for weekly or daily display included!) Each poster includes a quote, a picture of the person, a hashtag of the author's name.

Also included is a weekly activity where students can respond to the quote and consider how it relates to their world and if they agree with the quote or not. Have the whole class complete the assignment, or use it as an enrichment activity for your more curious students. 

Although this would be ideal in an English class, it also makes for great discussion in almost any subject!



• Agatha Christie

• Anton Chekhov

• Beatrix Potter

• The Bronte Sisters

• Charles Dickens

• Edgar Allan Poe

• Elizabeth Barrett Browning

• Emily Dickinson

• Gabriel Garcia Marquez

• George Orwell

• Harper Lee

• Ernest Hemingway

• James Joyce

• Jane Austen

• John Milton

• Langston Hughes

• Leo Tolstoy

• Lewis Carroll

• Louisa May Alcott

• Mark Twain

• Maya Angelou

• Oscar Wilde

• Robert Browning

• Robert Frost

• Samuel Taylor Coleridge

• William Shakespeare

• T.S Eliot

• Virginia Woolf

• William Faulkner

• William Wordsworth


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