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Impress your students with this ready-to-post bulletin board display of social media profiles of the most famous English authors of all time. You can choose to post many of them on a large bulletin board or change up the profile weekly! Also included are a title banner display that reads "Author Social Media Profiles". 

Each of the 30 profiles includes a picture of the author, two famous quotes, a timeline of important events from their life, and interesting facts that your students will love! 

These profiles can also be used as a way to introduce students to biographical information about authors they will be studying!



♥ I love how great these look, and it's a fun display for my classroom. It's interesting looking without feeling to elementary for my students. 

♥ These are a terrific way to teach about authors and be relevant in their world. 

♥ I just put these up in my room and my 8th graders were enamored. My social studies teacher and I had the students mimic the profiles with WWII people since that it what they are currently studying. They had a blast and the final products were amazing. Thanks so much. 

♥ We open our new school Library in March and these will be in the windows around the Middle School/High School lounge area.



• Agatha Christie

• Anton Chekhov

• Beatrix Potter

• The Bronte Sisters

• Charles Dickens

• Edgar Allan Poe

• Elizabeth Barrett Browning

• Emily Dickinson

• Gabriel Garcia Marquez

• George Orwell

• Harper Lee

• Ernest Hemingway

• James Joyce

• Jane Austen

• John Milton

• Langston Hughes

• Leo Tolstoy

• Lewis Carroll

• Louisa May Alcott

• Mark Twain

• Maya Angelou

• Oscar Wilde

• Robert Browning

• Robert Frost

• Samuel Taylor Coleridge

• William Shakespeare

• T.S Eliot

• Virginia Woolf

• William Faulkner

• William Wordsworth


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