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Help your students understand and practice apostrophe rules with this ready-to-use resource.

This resource will help students master the following 3 apostrophe rules: Use an apostrophe to show possession, to show omission of letters or mark contractions, and to show, in some cases, that a letter, symbol, or number is plural. 


  • A 29 slide PowerPoint presentation that introduces students to the three apostrophe rules with examples and practice for each.
  • A double-sided student printable booklet for reference. The booklet contains the rules as well as an example sentence for each.
  • A task card stations activity where students can rotate around the room and apply the information they learned. There are 24 task cards included as well as a student response sheet. The cards have different tasks:
  • Determining if a sentence uses apostrophes correctly or incorrectly
  • Rewriting sentences and correcting apostrophe errors
  • Choosing which sentence uses apostrophes properly
  • Matching sentences to the apostrophe rule they use
  • Teacher answer key

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