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The A Wrinkle in Time unit plan has everything you need to teach the novel. With over 265 pages/slides of eye-catching PowerPoint presentation, printable assignments, questions, vocabulary, figurative language, video journals, and interactive class activities, you will have everything you need!



•18 slide introductory presentation that includes pre-reading discussion, a short interactive class activity, an author biography, a listening quick check, and background information on the novel.


• Printable cards that you can keep handy for those students who struggle with reading comprehension. They can also be useful if a student is looking for a particular part of the plot. They can check the summary cards to find the correct chapter!


• 6 Reading quizzes that include 6 multiple choice questions each which demonstrate their understanding of the text. Also included on each quiz are 2 quotes which show plot or character development. Students are required to explain what is happening at this particular part of the plot and what characters are involved. A detailed answer key is included for each!


• A Powerpoint presentation explaining to students how to determine the meaning of an unknown word using context (using synonyms, antonyms, examples, general meaning)

• A Wrinkle in Time Vocabulary Booklet for students with quotes from the novel that use challenging vocabulary. Students use context to determine the meaning of the bolded word. There is also a place for the actual definition to be inserted where students can look up the words, or you can go over them as a class

• A 34 Slide Powerpoint presentation to go over each of the vocabulary words with synonyms/definitions for students to easily understand the new terms


• Student question pages that are ready to print with a set of questions that include basic reading comprehension questions, analysis questions, and text connection questions. The questions are grouped by the following chapters: 1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6 / 7-8 / 9 - 10 / 11-12. There are 54 questions in total.

• An answer key for teacher reference

• A Powerpoint presentation that includes all the answers to the comprehension questions for easy review with the whole class



• Review the most important elements of A Wrinkle in Time with this 31 slide Powerpoint presentation. The notes discuss some of the most important aspects of the novel. The notes address characterization, setting theme, tone, point of view, conflict, context, allusion, symbolism, suspense and more. Your students will have a deeper understanding of the novel after you use this resource.

• The presentation can be used for students to take notes (or it can be provided to them if you print 6 slides per page), or you can use it as a springboard for discussion after reading each of the chapters.


• Use these video journal prompts to help your students reflect on their reading of A Wrinkle in Time. Access to YouTube is required. Included is a powerpoint with links to 6 videos which connect to each part of the novel. Please note that the videos are not specifically about the novel, but connect to something that happens in the chapters in either content or theme. This allows students to consider how the content or themes from the novel connect to the world today.

• Please Note: Teachers should always preview the videos before showing students.


• This resource includes six figurative language labelling assignments where students read the examples and determine what figurative language is being used.

• Your purchase includes 6 print-ready worksheets with examples from the novel that include an example of either metaphor, pun, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, alliteration, personification, or simile Also included are detailed answer keys for you to grade or review the answers with your students!


14 Ready-to-use, interactive activities or assignments to bring your A Wrinkle in Time unit to life. Students will absolutely love these activities!

Famous First Lines Pre-Reading Activity: A Wrinkle in Time has a classic first line, "It was a dark and stormy night." Students will examine famous first lines in a variety of texts and consider how the first line of a novel can reveal more than they would think!

A Wrinkle in Time Mind Reader Activity: In this activity, students will empathize with Meg not understanding how Charles has supernatural abilities. You'll trick your students into believing one of your students is a mind-reader in this highly engaging activity by getting one of your students in on the trick!

Changing Education Paradigms Activity: In chapter three, Meg helps Calvin with his homework and shares her frustrations with the education system. Students will use this activity to think critically about their own education and the system they are currently in by watching a video and responding to important quotes from it. They will also work in groups to consider what changes the education system could make.

A Wrinkle in Time Social Media Allusions: This activity will help students better understand the allusions to famous people made in chapter 5 by creating a social media page for one of them. They will also learn about more modern and diverse change-makers by doing some external research and creating a social media page for that person.

Building a Paper or Pipe Cleaner Tesseract: In A Wrinkle in Time the characters are able to travel to a different dimension by tessering. A tesseract is a cube in four-dimensional space. Have your students build their own tesseract with this hands-on activity (two options provided).

Greetings from Camazotz Manual & Postcard: In chapter 6, Charles quotes from the manual for the planet of Camazotz. Students will create one page of the manual and also send a post card home from the planet!

The Happy Medium Crystal Ball Assignment: Students imagine that The Happy Medium is able to see their future in her crystal ball. They will draw and write about what that future looks like.

A Wrinkle in Time Awareness Campaign: The Happy Medium does not want to look at Earth because she doesn’t want to look at unpleasant things when there are so many positive things to look at. Mrs. Which responds by saying, “There will no longer be so many pleasant things to look at if responsible people do not do something about the unpleasant ones.” Students will create an awareness campaign to make a change in their world.

Wrinkled Writing: In chapter 7, the children enjoy a beautiful turkey dinner, and L’Engle uses descriptive language and imagery to describe some of the food. Students will do the same using the "wrinkled writing" method where one student starts the writing focussing on one sense. Then, they crumple the paper into a ball (wrinkling it) and tesser it to the front of the room! Then, another student picks it up and continues with the next sense. Detailed instructions are provided in the purchase.

Individuality Quilt: In chapter 9, Charles discusses how there is equality on Camazotz because everybody is exactly alike. Meg realizes in this statement that like and equal are not the same things at all. She realizes that differences are important and that equality is celebrating those differences. Students will celebrate their own differences by creating an image and written square to contribute to a classroom paper quilt!

Describing Color Activity: In chapter 11, Meg attempts to describe light to Aunt Beast, but she finds it challenging because sight does not exist on this planet. Students will imagine that they live in a black and white world and are the ONLY person who can see color. They will try to describe the primary colors to try to get their fellow citizens to understand.

Writing a Sonnet: In chapter 12, Mrs. Whatsit explains the importance of individual freedom by saying that life is like a sonnet. Students will have a chance to write their own sonnet in this fun writing activity!

Creating a New Planet Project: 
Students will imagine that instead of going immediately back to Earth, the characters accidentally tesser to one more planet. They will be responsible for designing and creating this planet from scratch!

Movie Novel Comparison: Students will find differences between the film version and the written version of the novel.

Essay Topics & Graphic Organizers: 
Students will write a formal essay with the provided topics and organizers.

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