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This Powerpoint presentation transports students in to the world of puppeteering. Students will be given a quick overview of where the form originated, and they will also understand the three most popular puppet forms used in North America (hand, rod, marionette). Also included in the presentation are links to short videos related to each form (Youtube access required).

This is an excellent springboard for making puppets with your theatre arts or drama class using socks or paper bags (from the dollar store/dollar tree). A slide is included to prompt students to create their own hand puppet (if you choose to do this). 

The wording in the presentation could be too elevated for early elementary as it is intended for a middle school or high school drama unit or a theatre arts class.



♥ Really great resource for any puppet unit in the drama classroom.

♥ I did this lesson as an introduction to puppetry for my 9-12 high school drama class. It was a hit. They enjoyed the videos and the slides-- but the end lesson where they made their own sack puppet turned out the best. Normally, they are reluctant to participate but they were up talking to each other with their puppets. I really felt like this lesson gave me a "teacher- win". 

♥ Looking forward to trying this in my classroom. Thank you!


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