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This digital escaped zoo animal close reading inference mystery is a fun way to engage your students and challenge them to look for text evidence, infer information, and read more closely.

It’s a beautiful day at the Hill Valley Public Zoo. The zookeepers (your students) are making their usual rounds when they realize that something has gone terribly wrong. One of the cages is wide open with no animal in sight. Your students need to figure out which animal escaped the zoo.

This is a Google-compatible activity, and students complete all the work on the computer. This works well with distance learning, 1:1 classrooms, remote teaching, Google Classroom, or for online education.


Included in your purchase: 

  • A Google Slides teacher presentation that guides the mystery with the backstory, evidence, the correct answer, and detailed explanations for why or why not each animal could have escaped.

  • An original narrative backstory that sets up and initiates the mystery.

  • A digital animal handbook with a variety of clues that require students to close read and use their inference skills.

  • Two different slide options are provided. One more challenging option has two pieces of evidence per slide, and the other has one piece of evidence with a section for students to take notes along the side.

  • A final digital response slide where students can keep track of their findings that support or refute different suspects in the mystery.

  • A detailed teacher answer key in slide format for students and within the Google Slides presentation slideshow for whole-class review.


How it works: 

  • Decide whether you want students to work in partners, groups, or independently for the activity.

  • Use the Google Slides presentation to guide you through each element of the lesson. The slides will help you introduce the story and evidence to students.

  • Share the digital file with students and allow them time to make their predictions and inferences and solve the mystery.

  • Once students have made their final prediction, use the Google Slides presentation to reveal which animal escaped and go through the evidence for each animal.


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