Julius Caesar Writing Assignment - Brutus & Cassius Scene in Text Message Format

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Julius Caesar Writing Assignment - Brutus & Cassius Scene in Text Message Format: This assignment is a fun and creative way to bring Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare into a modern context! In this activity, students will reimagine the conversation between Brutus and Cassius in Act 1 Scene 2 where Cassius attempt to bring Brutus into the conspiracy to kill Caesar using the format of text messaging. By drawing on the play's original text evidence, they'll craft a modern text dialogue between the characters for the digital age.

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Included in this Julius Caesar Writing Text Message Assignment:

➡️ Texting Treachery Julius Caesar Writing Assignment: Share this ready-to-print, eye-catching graphic organizer with students with two cell phones where they can write a texting conversation between Cassius and Brutus as they discuss Caesar and Brutus joining the conspiracy. Students will use text evidence from the scene to inspire their communication, but they must adjust it in language and content for the digital world.

➡️ Texting Treachery Julius Caesar Writing Assignment Answer Key: A sample teacher answer key is provided that draws inspiration from text evidence in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. Use this as a model response to grade student work or use it as a way to review the assignment with students.

Skills Addressed in this Julius Caesar Writing Text Message Assignment:

  • Creative Writing and Adaptation: By reimagining the iconic scene from Julius Caesar in a modern text message format, students will hone their creative writing skills. They'll learn to adapt classical literature to a contemporary context while maintaining the essence of the original text. This exercise encourages them to think critically and creatively about language, style, and content.
  • Textual Analysis: To craft a compelling text message conversation, students will need to draw on the original text of Julius Caesar. This process requires a deep understanding of the source material and the ability to extract relevant content.

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