Julius Caesar Political Campaign Poster Creative Project for Shakespeare's Play

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Julius Caesar Political Campaign Poster Creative Project for Shakespeare's Play: Step into the world of contemporary politics as you imagine the characters of Julius Caesar vying for leadership in today's Rome. Our Julius Caesar Political Campaign Poster Creative Project transports students into the realm of modern political campaigns, challenging them to envision Brutus, Cassius, Octavius, and Antony as contemporary candidates seeking the support of the Roman populace. Through the creation of compelling political campaign posters, students explore the personalities, motivations, and ambitions of these characters, using persuasive language, imagery, and campaign tactics to attract voters and secure their place as the next leader of Rome.

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Included in this Julius Caesar Political Campaign Poster Creative Project:

➡️ Julius Caesar Political Poster Student Handout: Our comprehensive student handout provides all the details students need to embark on their political campaign poster project. From the requirements and objectives to the guidelines for creating an effective poster, this handout serves as a roadmap for students as they navigate the intricacies of modern political campaigning in ancient Rome. The poster will include the candidate's name (Brutus, Antony, Cassius, Octavius), a slogan, a biography, campaign promises, and endoresements.

➡️ Julius Caesar Political Poster Planning Graphic Organizer: With our planning graphic organizer, students can map out their campaign strategy, jot down ideas for slogans, biographies, campaign promises, and endorsements. This organizer serves as a brainstorming tool to help students conceptualize their posters and ensure they incorporate all the necessary elements to make a persuasive case to voters that uses text evidence.

➡️ Julius Caesar Political Poster Templates: Choose from four blank templates with modern designs that students can use as a canvas for their political campaign posters. These templates provide a starting point for students to unleash their creativity, offering various layouts and styles to suit their campaign vision and candidate persona.

➡️ Julius Caesar Political Poster Rubric: The rubric outlines the criteria for evaluating students' posters, making for quick and easy grading.

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