Julius Caesar Character Map - Shakespeare's Play Graphic Organizer Assignment

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Julius Caesar Character Map - Shakespeare's Play Graphic Organizer Assignment: Immerse your students in the world of Julius Caesar with our comprehensive character map visual graphic organizer assignment. With the many characters in Julius Caesar, this resource is a valuable tool to keep track of the different characters and their relationship to Caesar. Designed to deepen comprehension and streamline the study of Shakespeare's tragedy, this resource offers a way for students to track the play's characters and their intricate relationships. There are two options included, allowing for differentiation. One option requires students to write a brief description of the character, while the other allows them to input the character names during the unit.

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Included in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Character Map Assignment:

➡️ Julius Caesar Character Map (Description Option): With this graphic organizer, students will keep track of the characters as they emerge in the play by writing brief descriptions for each character. The graphic organizer is organized by characters who support Caesar, those who oppose him, and neutral characters. This version allows students to show understanding of each of the characters, their relationships to Caesar, and their roles and motivations.

➡️ Julius Caesar Character Map (Names Option): For a different approach, use this option, designed in a similar format, where the descriptions of the characters are provided. Students must match these descriptions with the corresponding characters in the play. This option works well for differentiation as well if students require more support.

➡️ Julius Caesar Character Maps Answer Keys: Both options include comprehensive answer keys, allowing you to quickly assess student understanding or to use for class review.

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