Julius Caesar Character Assignment - Brutus' Diary Writing Act 2 - Shakespeare

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Julius Caesar Character Assignment - Brutus' Diary Writing Act 2 - Shakespeare: Have your students take on the perspective of the character of Brutus in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. In Act 2 Scene 1 of the play, Brutus struggles with his decision to join the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. Students will take on his perspective and write four diary entries, sharing his internal conflict as he contemplates his involvement in the conspiracy. Students' responses will portray Brutus's inner turmoil, doubts, and moral considerations, using modern language, and incorporating text evidence. This assignment allows for a creative way to show character analysis in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare.

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Included in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Character Assignment Brutus' Diary Writing:
➡️ Brutus' Diary Character Assignment: Use this creative two-page assignment to have students write diary entries from Brutus' perspective in Act 2 Scene 1. Students will write entries after Brutus' time alone in the garden, after receiving the letter, after meeting with the other conspirators, and after speaking with Portia. The assignment includes instructions and an eye-catching diary template where students can write their responses.

➡️ Brutus' Diary Character Assignment Sample Answer Key: A sample teacher answer key is provided that draws inspiration from text evidence in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. Use this as a model response to grade student work or use it as a way to review the assignment with students.

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