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Julius Caesar Activity Bundle - Creative Activities & Assignments includes 12 fun and engaging activities and assignments to help students respond to Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Help your students form connections and analyze the play with these high-interest activities and assignments. The activities were created to allow students to form text connections, analyze characters, understand the plot, and immerse themselves in the text.

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Included in the Julius Caesar Activity Bundle:

Activities to Use Throughout The Unit

➡️ Julius Caesar Character Map: Immerse your students in the world of Julius Caesar with our comprehensive character map visual graphic organizer assignment. With the many characters in Julius Caesar, this resource is a valuable tool to keep track of the different characters and their relationship to Caesar. There are two options included, allowing for differentiation. One option requires students to write a brief description of the character, while the other allows them to input the character names during the unit.

➡️ Julius Caesar Bad Vibes Omens: This ready-to-use graphic organizer will allow students to examine the most important omens in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare and consider their symbolic meaning or what they foreshadow! Students will turn to the play to form a conclusion about what the Soothsayer's warning, storms, birds, dreams, supernatural elements, and Caesar's ghost represent in the text. They will provide the context of the omen as it appears in the text as well as an explanation for what that omen foreshadows or means symbolically.

Act 1

➡️ Texting Treachery Assignment: In this activity, students will reimagine the conversation between Brutus and Cassius in Act 1 Scene 2 where Cassius attempts to bring Brutus into the conspiracy to kill Caesar using the format of text messaging. By drawing on the play's original text evidence, they'll craft a modern text dialogue between the characters for the digital age.

Act 2

➡️ Brutus' Diary Entries: In Act 2 Scene 1 of the play, Brutus struggles with his decision to join the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. Students will take on his perspective and write four diary entries, sharing his internal conflict as he contemplates his involvement in the conspiracy. Students' responses will portray Brutus's inner turmoil, doubts, and moral considerations, using modern language, and incorporating text evidence.

➡️ Julius Caesar Social Media Page: This assignment is a creative way for students to analyze characterization while reading Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Students will create a "Fakebook" social media page for Julius Caesar from Shakespeare's play. Students will enjoy considering the character's physical appearance, thoughts, personality, and relationship with other characters. It also looks great on display in your class or the hallway!

Act 3

➡️ Ides of March Reader's Theater: Immerse your students in the dramatic tension of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar with our captivating reader's theater script for Act 3, Scene 1. This concise five-page script brings to life the pivotal moment of Caesar's assassination in modern English, capturing the intensity and emotion of this crucial scene. Perfect for classroom performances or independent reading, this script allows students to embody the characters and engage with the text in a dynamic and interactive way.

➡️ Julius Caesar Police Report: Step into the shoes of a detective and unravel the mystery behind the assassination of Julius Caesar with this Julius Caesar Police Report assignment. After the shocking murder of Caesar, students are tasked with creating a detailed police report, delving into the aftermath of the crime scene, suspect interrogation, and the evidence gathered to shed light on this heinous act.

➡️ Julius Caesar Antony's Speech Rhetoric Lesson & Activities: Enrich your study of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar with our dynamic resource focused on Antony's captivating funeral speech. Dive into the world of rhetoric as students explore the power of persuasion through Antony's masterful use of rhetorical devices. Our comprehensive presentation and activities provide a fun and creative experience, guiding students to understand ethos, pathos, logos, repetition, irony, and rhetorical questions within Antony's compelling speech.

Act 4

➡️ Julius Caesar Political Campaign Poster Project: Students imagine the characters of Julius Caesar vying for leadership in today's Rome with this fun project. Students envision Brutus, Cassius, Octavius, and Antony as contemporary candidates seeking the support of the Roman populace. Through the creation of compelling political campaign posters, students explore the personalities, motivations, and ambitions of these characters, using persuasive language, imagery, and campaign tactics to attract voters and secure their place as the next leader of Rome.

Act 5

➡️ Julius Caesar Shakespeare Insult Battle: Students will delve into Act 5 to decode and modernize the insults hurled between Cassius, Brutus, Antony, and Octavius before the Battle of Philippi. The highlight of the day? A spirited classroom duel between the four characters, where students can unleash their newfound wit in a friendly war of words. This Julius Caesar activity promises to engage even the most reluctant learners and equip them with a playful understanding of Shakespeare's language.


➡️ Julius Caesar Essay Topics: This selection of six essay topics provides students with a variety of thought-provoking prompts to explore the complexities of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy.

➡️ Julius Caesar Theme Park Project: In this creative project, students take on the role of a theme park developer and have the extraordinary opportunity to bring one of Shakespeare's most iconic plays, Julius Caesar, to life in the form of an unforgettable theme park experience. From thrilling rides to thematic restaurants and captivating live performances, every aspect of your theme park will be directly inspired by the moments, characters, and conflicts of Julius Caesar. Students can choose to create a diorama, presentation, or promotional booklet.

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