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Exit Passes/Exit Slips For Any Subject: Exit passes are an effective type of formative assessment as they give you a quick "snapshot" of what the students have understood at the end of your class.

This product contains 14 different exit slips (10 of which can be used for ANY subject area, while 4 are subject specific to Math, English, Science, and History).

Each of the printable exit passes also comes with a colorful poster that you can put on your wall to display what the students learned that day underneath! These are definitely eye-catching, and will have people stopping to read what your students have learned, or what they are still questioning. 



♥ This is one of the best resources on TPT in my opinion! I used these a lot in my classroom. I like that there were different sizes and choices to use. You get a lot of information from these as a teacher!

♥ One of the best resources I've used this year. Thanks for sharing!

♥ LOVE THESE!!! Without a doubt a must have for every teacher and some of the best money I have spent on TPT. Can't wait to use them this year!

♥ These exit cards are great. My students love them. I don't use exit cards everyday, but it is so nice to have different templates to choose from when I do use them. Your products are always of extremely high quality!!

♥ I really like your materials. They are trendy for kids and they are purposeful. The exit tickets fit that description. I like to use exit tickets but I like to mix up the way I do them so it keeps the kids guessing as to how I will present them and ask them for what they know. Thanks! Keep making materials that are current for the interest of today's kids.



• Internet Search Exit Pass

• Quick Check For Understanding

• Give Me A . And A ?

• Exit Ticket Masters

• Classbook Exit Messages

• Show What You Know

• Red Yellow Green Exit Pass

• Speak Your Mind Exit Passes

• Exit Pass Parking

• Hashtags About Today's Lesson

• What We Learned in Science today

• What We Learned in English Today

• What We Learned in History Today

• What We Learned in Math Today

*** Do You Teach Another Subject? Contact me at prestoplans@gmail.com after purchase with your receipt, and I will make you one custom exit pass for your subject for free!***


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