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Liven up your staff meeting or back to school or end of the year staff gathering with this fun teacher-themed escape room activity.



Teachers work in small groups and move about to six different stations to complete puzzles and activities related to teaching and education. 

In the first station, staff members work together to answer multiple choice questions about teachers or educators featured in movies or television. Their responses will reveal a mystery code word which they insert into their response booklet. 

In the second station, staff members select a correct answer to trivia questions related to teaching and educational philosophies, methodologies, and practices. Using numbers and letters on a cipher wheel, the group will reveal a mystery code word. 

In the third station, staff members assemble a puzzle to reveal a quote about education and discuss the quote for a specific amount of time.

In the fourth station, staff members match up teaching/educational terms to their proper definition to reveal a mystery code word.

In the fifth station, staff members solve a cryptogram to reveal a quote about teaching and discuss the quote for a specific amount of time.

The final station has staff members decode an encryption based on hidden symbols they have to find throughout the game to reveal a quote!



o Detailed set up and activity instructions for facilitating the activity

o Signs for each of the six stations 

o Instructions for each of the six stations 

o All the materials students need for each station (envelope templates, cards, multiple-choice assignment, puzzle pieces, cipher wheel, encryption assignment etc.)

o An answer booklet where the group can record the codes they find. 

o An answer key you can use to check the work to determine the winner. 

o Winning and losing teams speech bubble props with funny sayings for group pictures after the assignment is complete.


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