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The Nonfiction Article of the Week is a full-year, 40-week informational text digital and print program for middle and high school English language arts teachers that includes high-interest articles, instruction slides, standards-based reading responses, videos, and creative assignments. 

This is a bundle of both the digital and print versions of the program.  The print version includes PowerPoint presentations and printable files in PDF format while the digital version is meant to be completed on a device and uses Google Slides. 

Included in your purchase:

  • 40 teacher slideshow presentations in PowerPoint and Google Slides format that guides you through each element of the lessons.  The slides include pre-reading discussion questions, prompts for each of the activities, answer keys for review, and a related video link.  
  • 40 Original nonfiction digital and print articles on high-interest topics that students will love.  They cover a wide variety of topics and address nearly all of the informational text standards. 
  • 40 Reading response assignments in digital and print format that allow students to dig deeper into the text and meet informational text curriculum standards.
  • Detailed teacher answer key for easy marking or class review.
  • Links to related video and prompt for each lesson where students can make text-to-self connections. 
  • 40 digital and print creative assignments that allow students to explore important elements from the lesson and meet even more reading and writing standards.

How it works: 

  • Each week, introduce the lesson by using the included pre-lesson discussion questions that will activate students’ background knowledge of the topic of the article. 
  • Then, read the article with students or have them read it independently or in a small group.  Mixing up the reading format is always a great strategy. 
  • After students have read the article, have them complete the reading response assignment to demonstrate their comprehension and analysis of the text. 
  • Show students the included related video and discuss how it connects with the article that they read. 
  • Assign the creative assignment that allows students to explore the topic further and meet more reading and writing standards. 

Topics addressed in the resource: 

  • Citing text evidence
  • finding the main idea
  • vocabulary in context
  • author's point of view
  • author's purpose
  • evaluating arguments
  • comparing and contrasting
  • inferring information
  • figurative language
  • author's tone
  • text features
  • examining bias
  • sharing an opinion
  • analyzing quotes
  • surveying
  • problem and solution
  • cause and effect
  • allusion
  • evaluating grammar
  • word choice
  • examining analogies
  • categorizing information
  • oxymorons & puns
  • non-fiction genres
  • supporting details
  • locating irony
  • examining graphics
  • writing questions
  • the 5 Ws
  • researching
  • charts and graphs
  • making predictions
  • making connections
  • critical thinking/judgements
  • explaining idioms
  • exploring text structure
  • pros and cons
  • summarizing
  • examining writing style
  • writing types (persuasive, narrative, descriptive, opinion, instructional) 

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