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Give out these 12 ready-to-print pun cards to your students on Valentine's Day! All you have to do is print, cut out the card, and write a short message on the back. 

These cards can also be used at any point during the year! Keep them tucked away in your desk for an occasion when a student surprises or impresses you! This is quick and easy way to show your students you care about them and notice when they do something special. The cards are all humorous and use cheesy puns (which students will love!) 

Give a card to that student who overcame the fear of presenting in front of the class or to that kid in class who was failing but is now passing. Slip the card to that student who you saw helping out someone in need or to a student who is making a difference in an extra curricular activity. The cards are general enough that they can be accommodated to so many situations!


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